Manduca® Duo

The innovative connection

Baby carrier or baby sling? With the manduca Duo you have a carrier and sling in one – and all the freedom that entails. That is because the manduca Duo has an innovative click & tie system that combines all the advantages of the baby carrier and baby sling. The soft sling fabric is especially snug for your baby, and you can put it on or take it off easily at any time. No matter where you and your baby go in the stylish manduca Duo – both of you will enjoy intensive closeness, maximum flexibility and tremendous comfort!

Light and flexible for everyday use

Clever details, such as the Duo clip on the back straps that allows the Duo to be put on quickly and securely and the slip-through protector that has been firmly stitched onto the carrier, ensure that the manduca Duo is particularly reliable and easy to use, and comfortable in every way – even for brand new parents and their newborns.

Functional and smart

Good reasons to choose the manduca® Duo

My click&tie system

Twin advantages for you and your baby – the click & tie system

The manduca Duo is a deluxe baby carrier and sling in one – the perfect hybrid for all parents who are looking for the emotional closeness of a sling combined with the security of a deluxe modern carrier.

click – can be put on and taken off quickly and easily by attaching the Duo clip to the softly cushioned back straps

& tie – your baby is safely ensconced in the cuddly sling, secured with ease using a simple knot.

Removable hip belt

Just zip it on – the removable hip belt

When your baby grows, you’ll be well prepared with the manduca Duo. That is because the hip belt ensures that even heavier babies can be carried with ease. Just zip it on and you're ready to go!

You can also go without

In the first few months, your baby is very light, and you’ll be fine without the hip belt. Particularly after giving birth by Caesarean section, mothers can do without the belt in order to avoid any additional pressure on the sensitive belly area. The manduca Duo allows you to choose.


Orthopaedically correct, simply perfect: the M-Position®

The spread-squat position is the natural position that a newborn automatically takes when he/she is lifted up. Your baby automatically bends his/her legs – like a monkey – to instinctively get ready to be carried. We at manduca call this the M-Position®, because your baby’s bottom, together with the bent legs, forms a large “M”. M for manduca.

manduca ensures your child is continuously in the M-Position, which is recommended by orthopaedists and midwives alike. The M-Position® is the natural sitting and carrying position of a child, as it takes the pressure caused by the child’s weight off the still sensitive hip and spine.