Manduca Twist:
The one for everyone

The Light-and-Easy baby carrier

Todo empezó con una idea básica: menos es más. Una vez más, queríamos lanzar al mundo una nueva mochila porta bebés. Una mochila que se concentrara en lo esencial, pero sin descuidar ningún aspecto. Una mochila que, sin dañar el bolsillo, ofreciera todo el confort. Y así nació Manduca Twist.

One that uses only organic cotton, is affordable and light for everyone, but at the same time robust. One that is also ideal for newborns and can also be carried on the back.

One that grows easily and always keeps the baby in the optimal M-Position®. One that fits all parents without having to be adjusted.

What should we say?! We have done it!

¿Qué podemos decir? ¡Que lo hemos conseguido! Solo te falta elegir el modelo.

Manduca Twist, sencilla y funcional, sin renunciar a nada

La Manduca Twist lo cambia todo

Simply slip it on – it always fits

The manduca Twist does not have to be adjusted to fit the size of the person carrying the little one. This makes it even easier for parents to share the carrier between themselves. 

  • The manduca Twist is simply placed on the wearer’s body and adjusted to fit while tying it on.
  • The innovative drawstring makes it easy to put on and always ensures the right tension of the fabric.
  • The comfortable waist belt secures the position of the manduca Twist. The intuitive handling is self-explanatory.
  • The manduca Twist offers great value for money, without any compromises in comfort and quality. This means you’ll have more to spend on other baby items.
  • Of course, the carrier is made of organic cotton, at no extra cost. For us at manduca, this goes without saying.
  • No hook and loop fasteners, no buttons, no cords. We focus on the essentials. Just pure fabric and a buckle. It’s that easy.
Simple, small and light - but pretty awesome

When folded, the Manduca Twist fits everywhere, without padding and too many straps That’s what makes it so practical, just made of diagonally elastic woven fabric. It is ultra-light and can be easily folded to take along everywhere.

At the same time, it functions to the highest standards. The manduca Twist is ideal for newborns and babies weighing up to 9 kg. Developed and safety tested for up to 15kg weight.

Simply comfy – and orthopaedically correct

The spread–squat position is the natural position newborns automatically take when they are picked up. They bend their little knees and instinctively prepare to be carried. We at manduca call this the M-Position®, as the baby’s bottom and bent legs create a big “M” shape, M for manduca.

The manduca Twist ensures your child is continually in the M-Position as recommended by orthopaedists and midwives. The M-position® is the natural carrying position of a child and relieves the not yet fully developed hip and spine.

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