Now a carrier for everything:
the new manduca XT®

The All-in-One baby carrier

Imagínate una única mochila tanto para recién nacidos como para niños pequeños. Ahora la hay. Hemos equipado la nueva manduca XT con muchas funciones fantásticas. Lo verás y lo notarás a primera vista. Anchura ajustable gradualmente, tres ajustes de altura gracias a la ampliación del respaldo patentada, y mucho más. Basta con ponérsela y sentirse a gusto. Y en tres ediciones, para que tú elijas: Cotton, Limitada y BellyButton.

Super stylish, with great colours

Lo mejor de todo es que la manduca XT es muy bonita. Su gran variedad de modelos, con combinaciones de colores muy actuales, convierten a la manduca XT en la gran estrella y el centro de todas las miradas. Y el material también es de primera: algodón orgánico 100% por dentro y por fuera. 

La Manduca XT, única e inteligente

Grandes ventajas de la mochila Manduca XT

Cosy and comfortable for the very little ones

manduca XT – it adapts

Whether for a newborn or small child – with the manduca XT, you always have the perfect carrier ready to go.

  • Seamlessly adjustable seat width from 16 to 50 cm
  • Simple to adjust, without any bothersome snaps, Velcro or strap system
  • No unwanted folds
  • Very easy to adjust, even when your precious one is sitting inside
  • The cushioned leg area protects your baby’s sensitive skin

With a very special detail: the back area is perfectly supported in any position thanks to its optimal tension. The secret? A special cutting technique and two added stirrups (patent pending).

Comfortable and flexible for big ones

Your child grows – and your manduca XT easily keeps up.

From your child’s body weight of 3.5 kg to 20 kg: with the patented back extension on the manduca XT, everything is always super comfortable.

  • Three different height options
  • The required ZipIn XT is part of the package
  • The back is made of single-layer fabric and can therefore optimally adjust to the back of your baby
  • Can be used on your chest, hip or back

Orthopaedically correct, simply perfect: the M-Position®

The spread-squat position is the natural position that a newborn automatically takes when he/she is lifted up. Your baby automatically bends his/her legs – like a monkey – to instinctively get ready to be carried. We at manduca call this the M-Position®, because your baby’s bottom, together with the bent legs, forms a large “M”. M for manduca.

manduca ensures your child is continuously in the M-Position, which is recommended by orthopaedists and midwives alike. The M-Position® is the natural sitting and carrying position of a child, as it takes the pressure caused by the child’s weight off the still sensitive hip and spine.


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